List of some sites with FNS names

Doing a test of the happened configuration of the computer to the use of the FNS names with FNSsetup is possible. Please click some of them in the following table.

Web site DNS name(s) (if owned) FNS name(s)
Agis consulenti d'organizzazione aziendale agis
CS Group csgroup
Edilcava edilcava
Eurorent s.r.l. eurorent
Il progetto FNS freenamesystem
Microform formazione e multimedia microform
Mira1 system
Mondialpin mondialpin
Oasi Irpina Onlus oasirpina
Sport e + sportepiu
Sportizzare sportizzare

Note: Set up the computer before clicking the links at sites with FNS names downloading the FNSsetup program or following the instructions for the configuration.