• If I use FNS can I visit the sites the old names (those that begin with "www" and finish with ".com" for example) still have without any problem?

    Certainly. FNS is offered as extent and not as alternative of the DNS domains.

  • I've installed FNSsetup, but I'm not able to browse the FNS sites. On the browser I read: "Impossible to find server host". What's the problem?

    In a few systems the modification of certain parameters could be not consented of programs like FNSsetup. Assure that the primary DNS corresponds to one of those presents in the list of the FNS servers and that in "advantages", in the card "DNS", the value "add the following DNS suffixes" is set up and that in the list of the suffixes he couples the value "FNS", as described in the configuration instructions. Besides please assure that the FNS Engine program is in execution.